Verify receiver performance in a true-to-life synthetic environment

Multipath and signal obscuration can cause significant error in GNSS receivers. Multipath errors can vary from a few meters to hundreds of meters, depending on satellite geometry and environmental conditions. Accounting for these occurrences is vital in most positioning, navigation, and timing solutions.

Sim3D is an innovative 3D modelling system that creates a realistic environment for the testing of multipath and obscuration effects. Simulated GNSS signals interact with fully customizable models and environments, giving a level of detail, control, and realism not available in other solutions.

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Features & Benefits

Realistic multipath and obscuration simulation: Multipath and obscuration is simulated based on a synthetic 3D model. Real-life locations can be regenerated and used in simulation to recreate the multipath signature of that location. In addition, traffic, crowd, and other objects are used in the simulation to provide a level of realism not available in any other product in the market.

Ability to simulate real life applications: Define your antenna carrier as a vehicle or pedestrian, then position your antenna relative to the carrier center of gravity. The multipath and obscuration are computed considering the antenna carrier body position and motion. This provides valuable insight for optimizing the location of the antenna for multipath/obscuration.

Better level of control and analysis with multipath simulation: Sim3D provides a level of control not available in any other multipath/obscuration simulation approaches. Choose which constellations to simulate, the number of reflections per multipath, the number of multipath signals per LOS, and much more.

Fully verified with real-life data: The performance of Sim3D simulation relative to field data has been exhaustively assessed, with good indicative results shown.

Full level of customization: Sim3D enables you to create your own 3D models with the level of accuracy desired. Many generic 3D model formats are supported using provided convertors, meaning existing or purchased models can be easily imported.

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