Multi-GNSS Testing

Multi-GNSS simulators enable controlled, repeatable performance testing throughout the development, integration, verification and production of GPS, GLONASS or Galileo devices. Spirent multi-GNSS test systems are available now and support GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS testing.

Receiver developers and system integrators understand that system performance improves when utilizing more than one GNSS system. More satellites are available which improves system integrity, continuity and accuracy of service.

With 25 years of experience, Spirent is the world's leading provider of multi-GNSS test and simulation systems. Whatever your test requirements, Spirent has the solution to support your evolving GNSS testing needs.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Spirent offers a wide range of equipment to support your testing needs:
  • The GSS7000 multi-GNSS constellation simulator provides an easy-to-use but powerful solution for GNSS testing which can grow with your evolving needs. Used by R&D, verification and integration teams, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help improve your designs.

  • The GSS6300 multi-GNSS signal generator provides a single channel of one, two or three constellations and is designed specifically for high volume manufacturing test applications.

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