Navigation Beyond Visual Line of Sight - The Next Big Challenge for UAV Developers


Navigation Beyond Visual Line of Sight: The Next Big Challenge for UAV Developers

Regulators are preparing to certify UAVs to fly beyond the operator’s line of sight. A reliable positioning engine will be essential for safe, accurate navigation.

Adam Price | Apr 2021



CRPA Testing: Achieve High-Performance GNSS Simulation in the Lab with Spirent

Controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) systems are the state of the art in maximizing reception of authentic GNSS signals while rejecting interference and false (spoofed) signals. Technologies such as military aircraft, drones, and autonomous vehicles all rely on CRPA systems for reliable and accurate positioning even in interference-rich environments. To ensure the highest levels of […]

Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno | Mar 2021

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2 kHz Enhancements


New Spirent GSS9000 Series Capabilities Include Industry-First 2 kHz Update Rate

Spirent is addressing the evolving PNT assurance requirements of high-end GNSS technology developers by introducing a series of new capabilities that further increase the performance and flexibility of our enhanced GSS9000 Series GNSS Constellation Simulators. Building on the significant simulator hardware enhancements delivered in 2019, the new capabilities are designed to meet the exacting test requirements of […]

Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno | Mar 2021

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GPS Spoofing


GPS Spoofing: New Live Sky Tests Confirm Receivers Are Vulnerable to Attack

It was once considered an esoteric and theoretical type of cyberattack, seen only in James Bond films and academic papers. But radio frequency (RF) location spoofing is now causing real concern for users of GPS and GNSS receivers. The recent emergence of software-defined radios has made spoofing much easier to carry out. By broadcasting a […]

Daniel Martin | Feb 2021

Transportation Fusion


Transportation Requires a Fusion; Now to Test It

Inertial navigation systems (INS), like most navigation systems, have evolved through countless iterations and improvements over many years. An INS, unlike other navigation technologies, does not rely on any external signals or inputs to aid navigation. It is, therefore, extremely difficult to spoof, jam or disrupt the system, and solar flares, ground/sky visibility and climate […]

Chris Hogstrom | Dec 2020

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