RF Record & Playback systems allow you to repeat a real world GNSS/GPS test and run it over and over again in the lab. With 16-bit quantization, the Spirent GSS6450 lets you capture the most complex RF signal environments and interference in more detail than ever.

At just 8.5 x 8 x 3in, it's easily the most portable system of its kind.
Features & Benefits

Built for the Most Demanding Tests: With a choice of 4, 8, 16 bit I/Q quantization, and up to 50MHz recording bandwidth over multiple GNSS frequencies the GSS6450 is an ideal system for demanding test applications: from 4-bit GNSS chipset R&D, to interference and jamming analysis and high-end GNSS system test. Record up to 200MHz bandwidth of data, 4 GNSS frequency bands simultaneously.

Record — Anytime, Anywhere: At 5.5lbs the GSS6450 is easily the world's smallest 16-bit RF Record & Replay System. It's compact and light enough to be worn in a bag or over the shoulder, making it perfect for the advanced testing of wearable technology.

Upgrade As Your Needs Change: The GSS6450 is designed to grow with your test needs. If you start with the base system, it's easy to upgrade as your test requirements change.

Learn more about our small but powerful system, with this full breakdown of its features, specs, and ideal applications.
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