Field Testing

Use the best of live sky testing & lab simulation

Field Testing

Use the best of live sky testing & lab simulation

Field Simulation

Outside the lab

In addition to industry-leading, lab-based positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) simulation solutions, Spirent uniquely offers two field testing platforms that enable real, live-sky signals to be used in testing.

Portable Simulator

With Spirent’s Portable Simulator, the device under test (DUT) receives live-sky signals while additional signals are injected by the simulator—a ground-breaking innovation that creates a myriad of possible test cases for PNT resilience.

The field simulator can be provided with a built-in reference receiver and live-sky synchronization capability; different receiver types can be supported.


How badly are drones affected by GNSS spoofing? The Bundeswehr Technical and Airworthiness Center for Aircraft (WTD-61) attempts to find out using a Spirent Portable Simulator. Read the case study.

The Portable Simulator’s key features for government and defense users include

  • Spirent simulation capability from a significantly reduced form factor
  • Optionally with live-sky synchronization capability and rack-mount case
  • Dual-frequency, multi-constellation capable
  • Can be powered via mains or an external battery pack
  • Controlled either via external laptop or directly using remote commands

Record Live Sky

Record & Playback System (RPS)

The handheld form factor of the Spirent GSS6450 allows it to go anywhere you do, recording real-world signals with high dynamic range and wide frequency coverage for playback in the lab.

High bandwidth captures out-of-band and secure signals, and removable storage is ideal for a secure lab environment. The onboard spectrum analyzer ensures expensive and hard-to-repeat test cases are occurring as planned.

The GSS6450’s key features for government and defense end users include

  • High dynamic range for interference recording
  • Recording of other signals alongside GNSS, including complementary PNT and signals of opportunity such as wi-fi and cellular
  • Access to IQ data for post-processing analysis
  • Full control over gain (including AGC)
  • Designed for “Secure Room” requirements
    • No internal SSD (optional)
    • Built-in PC to enable user account logging
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer at both record and playback
  • Full remote control of the system
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