High Dynamic Applications

For rockets and spinning vehicles

High Dynamic Applications

High Dynamic Applications

For rockets and spinning vehicles

Rocket Launch Sky High Dynamic Application

High Dynamic Testing for Rockets and Guided Munitions

In 2021, the Spirent GSS9000 software and hardware update rate was increased from 1 kHz to 2 kHz — an industry first. An unrivaled 2 kHz simulation iteration rate provides GSS9000 users with the ability to improve accuracy of simulated trajectories without compromising performance. This is of particular benefit to military high-dynamic applications, such as space missions and hypersonic or spinning vehicles, such as missiles. A high-rate iteration of the simulation motion models and pseudorange calculations is needed to allow determination of spin rotational direction. The GSS9000 now supports execution of these calculations against current scenario run-time at 0.5 millisecond intervals.

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High Dynamic Application Missiles

Zero Effective Latency for Hardware-in-the-loop Testing

The 2 kHz simulation iteration rate also produces a lower latency rate for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and faster conversion from digital inputs to RF analog outputs. In a recent Inside GNSS article, this is explained: “Some customers use a simulator to generate the vehicle dynamics, for an aircraft for example. They send all the PVT information to the simulator, the simulator has to read the message, apply it to the simulation and then generate the RF signals on top of that.  By doubling the update rate, we are making all the steps in this process much faster, so we decrease the overall latency of the HIL system.”

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GSS9000 Simulation Product


The most powerful PNT/GNSS simulator/test system

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GPS and MGUE Program Updates and High Dynamic Testing

GPS & MGUE Program Update & High Dynamic Testing

The U.S. Space Force continues to evolve the GPS enterprise into a more resilient and robust architecture. Join representatives from the Space Systems Command, BAE Systems and Spirent for an update on the GPS and Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) programs, the latest in military GPS receiver technology, and advancements in emulating high dynamic applications such as space vehicles or hypersonic munitions.

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2 kHz Enhancements

New Spirent GSS9000 Series Capabilities Include Industry-First 2 kHz Update Rate

Spirent is addressing the evolving PNT assurance requirements of high-end GNSS technology developers by introducing a series of new capabilities that further increase the performance and flexibility of our enhanced GSS9000 Series GNSS Constellation Simulators. Building on the significant simulator hardware enhancements delivered in 2019, the new capabilities are designed to meet the exacting test requirements of […]

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