The most sophisticated PNT/GNSS simulator for the most demanding applications

Enhanced with industry-first 2 kHz hardware & software update rate for high dynamic testing

The GSS9000 Series multi-frequency, multi-GNSS RF constellation simulator is the most powerful simulation system available.

Recent enhancements also include extended interference ground transmitter (GTx) capabilities, support for Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA) jamming waveforms, and a new advanced spoofing feature that supports repeaters/meaconing.

To develop PNT systems for military, space, and other high precision applications, comprehensive testing is required. The GSS9000 series builds on more than 35 years of PNT testing expertise and is a proven test tool for R&D and performance testing.

  • On-the-fly reconfiguration of constellations and signals
  • Extensive real-time plotting, bulk logging and streaming of all scenario truth data
  • Wide range of spoofing options to support basic and sophisticated test scenarios
  • Flexible signals – enabling users to set up and control non-current SIS ICD PRN codes, nav data content/rate, chipping rate, edge shaping and modulation types
  • Embedded interference capabilities supporting signals such as CW, FM, AM, PM, AWGN, BPSK or CW Pulse
  • Generation of in-band non-GNSS signals from I/Q data files
  • SimREMOTE – powerful remote command functionality
  • Unrivalled 2000 Hz configurable simulation iteration rate (SIR) and hardware update rate (HUR) – enabling real-time remote control and trajectory delivery
  • Precision simulation of high dynamic motion with ultra-low latency
    • 120 km/s relative velocity
    • 193 km/s² relative acceleration
    • 890km/s³ relative jerk
    • 60π rad/s angular rate
  • 0.3 mm RMS pseudorange accuracy
    • 0 mm uncertainty due to inter-channel bias
  • Full signal performance specification met under all simulation conditions
  • Alternative RF and other non-GNSS sensors compatible
  • Support for Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA) jamming waveforms
  • Generate up to 10 simultaneous signal geometries via replicating multi-GNSS constellations and/or simulated vehicles in the scenario to test your receiver against advanced spoofing scenarios, e.g., nav data attacks or trajectory spoofing, using just one RF output (without any external combiners needed).
  • Onboard ground transmitter (GTx) jamming capability, extensive multipath modeling, as well as modeling for:
    • Tx and Rx antenna gain and phase pattern
    • Lever arm effects
    • Ionosphere and troposphere
    • DGNSS/RTK corrections
    • Pseudorange ramps for testing RAIM and anti-spoofing techniques
    • Vehicle motion

Secure Signals

  • Y Code
  • AES & SDS M Code
  • MNSA
  • NavIC RS
  • PRS – via 3rd party tool

Spirent’s SimGEN is the most powerful tool available to test and development teams, trusted and verified by top experts in the PNT industry. Running on the GSS9000 signal generator, SimGEN offers the highest capabilities, with patented technology for DDS (direct digital synthesis) of GNSS signals.


The GSS9000 is designed to work seamlessly with complementary tools, including:

  • SimMNSA – Modernized Navstar Security Architecture generation
  • SimINERTIAL – emulate inertial sensor outputs
  • SimMCODE – AES and SDS M-Code simulation compliant with ICD-GPS-700A
  • SimSAAS – full feature set for SA/A-S testing
  • Sim3D – realistic multipath testing with 3D models
  • SimSAFE – spoofing interface tool
  • GSS7765 – comprehensive interference testing
  • User-specific tools, e.g., for automation or HIL via SimREMOTE API.
Choosing a Simulator

How to Choose a GNSS simulator

Getting it right. Why all simulators are not the same.

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CRPA Test System

CRPA Test System

Controlled reception pattern antenna wavefront testing

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2 kHz Enhancements

New Spirent GSS9000 Series Capabilities Include Industry-First 2 kHz Update Rate

Spirent is addressing the evolving PNT assurance requirements of high-end GNSS technology developers by introducing a series of new capabilities that further increase the performance and flexibility of our enhanced GSS9000 Series GNSS Constellation Simulators. Building on the significant simulator hardware enhancements delivered in 2019, the new capabilities are designed to meet the exacting test requirements of […]

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