Spoofing Feature

Advanced GNSS spoofing simulation

Spoofing feature

Spoofing Feature

Advanced GNSS spoofing simulation

Test faster, test smarter using the GSS9000 native Spoofing Feature

Spoofing attacks are increasing in both frequency and complexity. These attacks not only cause economic disruption but also endanger the lives of our soldiers who rely on GNSS signals for positioning and navigation.  As a result, GNSS receiver developers, integrators, and users must thoroughly test their systems against such threats.

The Spoofing Feature uses proprietary models to define the spoofed trajectory, constellation, and pseudoranges. This allows users to quickly develop comprehensive spoofing tests to evaluate their system’s resilience by simplifying and reducing the steps needed to create a scenario.  Furthermore, since the Spoofing Feature is native to the GSS9000 and leverages the same GUIs used to define normal scenarios, there is virtually no learning curve for existing users.

Here are three key benefits of using the Spoofing Feature:

  1. Rapid spoofing scenario development
  2. Comprehensive threat generation
  3. Spoofing without purchasing additional hardware
  • Control key signal simulation parameters for spoofing signals encompass:
    • Power level
    • Code/carrier offset (with respect to authentic signals)
  • Key simulation parameters encompass:
    • Live-sky sync with real-time update of the scenario (orbits, nav data)
    • Orbit definitions for satellites generating authentic and/or spoofing signals.
    • Code/carrier offset (with respect to authentic signals)
    • Ability to create from simple to highly sophisticated trajectory spoofing, meaconing, and navigation data attack scenarios. Trajectory spoofing can optionally encompass inherent spoofing operator errors, rather than simulating an unrealistically “perfect” spoofer
    • Support for receiver under attack (RUA) feedback with tools to monitor the progress of the spoofing attack and ensuing errors in RUA observables and nav message content
  • Multiple GPS/GNSS frequencies
  • Up to 320 channels per chassis and support for the most demanding high-dynamics GNSS applications.
  • World-leading performance from Spirent’s purpose-built simulators, trusted by the top experts in the GNSS industry.
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