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Spirent Federal Systems provides the world’s leading PNT test & simulation solutions to U.S. Government customers and prime contractors.

Spirent Federal is a designated U.S. Proxy Company operating under a Proxy Agreement with the U.S. DoD’s Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA), certifying Spirent Federal operates free of foreign ownership, control, or influence (FOCI). Spirent Federal is cleared to work on top secret U.S. Government classified projects.

A Proxy Agreement is the strongest FOCI-mitigation instrument under the DCSA. Companies under Proxy Agreements are regarded as U.S. owned companies for purposes of facility clearances and access to classified information.

A Proxy Agreement vests the voting rights of the stock or ownership under a proxy board of directors, cleared U.S. citizens approved by the Federal Government (DCSA). Under this arrangement, the foreign owner, Spirent Communications plc, relinquishes control of the cleared facility, and Spirent Federal is eligible to have access to classified information and compete for classified contracts.

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Across 5 decades, Spirent has supplied satellite navigation test equipment to all sectors of the PNT market. This track record displays a firm commitment to stay at the cutting edge of customer requirements. Spirent GNSS test equipment is widely chosen by government labs, manufacturers, integrators, test facilities, and space agencies.

Throughout our history, Spirent Federal has always sought to understand customers’ needs and remain at the forefront of PNT testing. At first with GPS, then SBAS, GLONASS, LAAS, integrated system testing, Galileo, Compass, BeiDou, and QZSS capabilities.

Our test systems support encrypted military codesinterference/jamming and spoofing simulationinertial navigation systemshigh dynamic applicationsCRPA & anechoic chamber testing, and alternative PNT.

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