PNT for Government & Defense

GPS testing for government and military applications

PNT for Government & Defense

PNT for Government & Defense

GPS testing for government and military applications

PNT Military

Advanced Test Solutions for Mission-critical Military Applications

Spirent Federal Systems is the trusted test partner of the U.S. Government and contractors. Industry-leading PNT/GNSS test solutions are tailored to the needs of government customers, including support for encrypted military codes, interference simulation, and high dynamic testing. Spirent is committed to providing new capabilities first, allowing our customers to stay at the forefront of the evolution of modernized military PNT equipment.

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Roger Hart, Director of Engineering at Spirent Federal, discusses M-Code and Y-Code (open forum information only)

Simulation of Encrypted Military Codes

Spirent Federal was the first simulator manufacturer to receive security approval from the GPS Directorate for software that supports M-Code signals using the Modernized Navstar Security Architecture (MNSA). Previously, AES M-Code and SDS M-Code had been the only methods authorized for GPS M-Code simulation. In 2020, Spirent’s MNSA M-Code simulator was validated by the US Air Force and is currently in military labs throughout the country. The classified military codes Y-Code and SAASM are also fully supported by Spirent’s product line.

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Support for BFEA Jamming Waveforms and Other Interference

In addition to an unrivaled 2 kHz update rate, the augmented Spirent GSS9000 Series simulator has multi-faceted interference testing enhancements:  extended interference ground transmitter (GTx) capabilities, support for Blue Force Electronic Attack (BFEA) jamming waveforms, and advanced spoofing features. These interference capabilities add to Spirent’s already-robust MNSA M-Code test environments to benefit Modernized GPS User Equipment (MGUE) developers and integrators and make the GSS9000 the most precise and realistic simulator available.

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GSS9000 Simulation Product


The most powerful PNT/GNSS simulator/test system

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GNSS Interference


Test M-Code functions using AES

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Satellite Trajectory SimSAAS Software


Classified testing of Y-Code & SAASM

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