Simulation solutions for space-based PNT

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Simulation solutions for space-based PNT

Lisa Valencia is a Project Manager and Senior Systems Engineer with a 30-year career at NASA. She is currently providing subject matter expertise to the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Program Office at NASA Headquarters

Test Partner to Space Agencies & Industry

For over 35 years, Spirent has been chosen by NASA and other space agencies to provide leading edge test solutions. Spirent GNSS solutions and expertise will support testing of the GNSS receivers intended to be deployed in NASA’s Artemis program for lunar exploration. Read press release.

Establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon presents new challenges for PNT and requires a robust lunar navigation ecosystem. Spirent is uniquely ready to support lunar navigation projects now. Our flexible test solutions allow custom signal generation and experimentation for developing new lunar constellations. Because of the priority we place on innovation and partnering with other experts who understand and recreate space environments—such as SpacePNT—we currently have a SW solution, SimORBIT, that can provide the precise modeling needed for lunar-orbit applications. Read our new brochure, Enabling Lunar Navigation, to learn more.

PNT testing for low earth orbit constellations

Low Earth orbit constellations

In partnership with Xona Space Systems, Spirent has developed SimXona, the only Xona-certified simulator for Xona’s nascent PULSAR™ satellite navigation signals. PULSAR™ will be built on a backbone of small satellites (smallsats) operating in low Earth orbit (LEO). Integrate PULSAR™ now—before operational deployment—and test in concert with GNSS and in a variety of threat scenarios with Spirent’s comprehensive test architecture.

Spirent’s precision, LEO-specific orbital models enable realistic design of LEO constellations. Together with flexible non-GNSS signal generation, this allows research and development into alternative PNT technologies using different signals of opportunity. View the GNSS Testing for LEO brochure.

Introducing SimORBIT

SimORBIT is the first high-accuracy orbital modeling software solution developed specifically for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite simulation. Created in partnership with spaceborne receiver developer SpacePNT, Spirent SimORBIT enables developers to calculate LEO orbits and their distinctive characteristics more precisely and realistically for GNSS/PNT testing. Read the SimORBIT Datasheet.

Earth from Moon NASA

Test alternative RF navigation

Non-GNSS sources of RF (radio frequency) are of interest in GPS-degraded or contested signal environments. These systems offer high receiver signal power (relative to GNSS) and a secure & resilient link to augment GNSS.

Launched August 2021, Spirent Federal’s first-to-market Alternative RF Navigation Simulator enables alternative PNT signal simulation concurrently with GNSS. Testing can be static or dynamic, with stationary, pedestrian and ground vehicle trajectories available. Contact us to discuss fielded configurations.

Testing space vehicles

Space operations rely on robust PNT. Spirent simulations enable comprehensive scenarios to be tested encompassing launch and orbit insertion, and in-orbit operations, monitoring and control. Capabilities include ultra-high dynamics, proven realistic recreation of environments, and ultra-low latency hardware-in-the-loop testing for GNSS/inertial navigation.

Spirent Federal Assures Space Missions


Extended test scenario duration of 65 days

Mountain Flag

Full performance at ultra-high dynamics

Space Shuttle

Proven realistic recreation of space-specific environments


Flexible over-the-air capability for antenna integration


Proven fidelity with large variance in Doppler shift to varied signal power levels

Cell Tower

Flexible signal capability for developing new signals

SimORBIT for LEO low earth orbit constellations

Spirent Brings Realistic Testing to Emerging LEO Satellite Applications

The first high-accuracy orbital modeling software solution developed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite simulation

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GSS9000 Simulation Product


The most powerful PNT/GNSS simulator/test system

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Xona Space Systems simulator from Spirent

Xona Space Systems Certifies Spirent’s Low Earth Orbit SatNav Constellation Simulator

The Spirent simulator emulates Xona navigation signals and enables robust, accurate testing before full satellite constellation deployment SALT LAKE CITY, UT, MAY 30, 2023 – Spirent, the leading global provider of test and assurance solutions, is pleased to announce SimXona, an industry-first Xona satellite constellation simulator, has been fully certified by Xona Space Systems. Xona […]

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