Interference simulation system

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Interference simulation system

Comprehensive RF interference test solution

Combined with Spirent’s powerful GSS7000 or GSS9000 Series simulators, the GSS7765 interference generator creates the ultimate tool for testing against external jamming and unintentional interference. The GSS7765 enables you to create and generate custom waveforms, helping you to defend your systems against real-world threats.

  • Interference signals available include Continuous Wave (CW), AM, FM – some of which may be pulsed
  • Variable bandwidth noise generation
  • Supports multiple independent interference sources
  • 3 operating modes – ranging from defined scripts to real-time manipulation of source signal level and modulation characteristics
  • Output frequency
    • All signal types – 500MHz to 2GHz
    • Resolution – 0.01Hz
  • Signal level at generator output
    • Noise – -169 to –23dBW
    • Other signals – -166 to –20dBW
    • Resolution – 0.02 dB
  • Full control over interference signal content and dynamics
  • Wide range of interference types
  • Large power and frequency range
  • Modeled and static operating modes
  • Interactive mode enables power and modulation to be controlled in real-time
  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple independent interference sources supported

The GSS7765 package comprises one or more high quality commercial signal generators plus an Interference Combination Unit (ICU). The package is supported by Spirent’s SimGEM software suite. The SimGEM software supports three operating modes. Fixed mode allows a scripted series of events to be defined, while Modeled mode allows the user to position interference sources in the scenario and model the level effects as the simulated vehicle moves within the specified environment. Interactive mode enables the interference source power level and modulation characteristics to be controlled in real-time.

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