CRPA Test System

Controlled reception pattern antenna wavefront testing

CRPA Test System product for antenna testing

CRPA Test System

Controlled reception pattern antenna wavefront testing

Multi-output, multi-GNSS wavefront CRPA Test System

The Spirent CRPA Test System is a development of Spirent’s GSS9790 Series platform for testing Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) systems with a separate RF output per antenna element. The CRPA Test System generates both GNSS and interference signals. Users can control multiple antenna elements. Null-steering and space/time adaptive CRPA testing are both supported by this comprehensive wavefront approach.

The system has phase calibrated RF outputs (for GNSS and interference) creating a realistic testing environment across multiple CRPA elements while still maintaining a high J/S ratio.

The CRPA Test System is scalable, supporting antennas from 4 to 16 elements and beyond. In the 16-element CRPA Test System—totaling all the GNSS, jamming, and spoofing signals—there are over 1,000 independent signals being generated/simulated across a phase-calibrated precise wavefront.

CRPA Test System Elements

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Stuart Smith, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, from Spirent Communications, gives a product demonstration of the GSS9000 wavefront simulator for Multi-Element CRPA testing. This video is a 5-minute preview; view the full 25-minute product demo here

CRPA Adaptive Antennas Drone Anechoic Chamber

Characterizing CRPAs and Other Adaptive Antennas

Use the GSS9790 to test CRPAs and other advanced GNSS antenna designs

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CRPA Testing: Achieve High-Performance GNSS Simulation in the Lab with Spirent

Controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) systems are the state of the art in maximizing reception of authentic GNSS signals while rejecting interference and false (spoofed) signals. Technologies such as military aircraft, drones, and autonomous vehicles all rely on CRPA systems for reliable and accurate positioning even in interference-rich environments. To ensure the highest levels of […]

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