Multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulator

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Multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulator

Multi-frequency, multi-GNSS RF simulation solution

The GSS7000 offers exceptional accuracy, fidelity and authentic GNSS signal emulation, ensuring true performance at every test stage. Advance features include embedded multipath, interference, and spoofing capabilities that deliver comprehensive vulnerabilities testing.

  • Supports all current and future civilian constellations and frequencies
  • Up to 256 channels and 1 or 2 independent RF outputs
  • Field upgradeable and easily configured
  • Generate signals from multiple GNSS on a single channel bank
  • Full remote command functionality via SimREMOTE
  • 100 Hz update rate – enabling low latency testing in high dynamics and hardware-in-the-loop configurations
  • Signal dynamics up to: 30 km/s relative velocity, 2 km/s2 relative acceleration, 22 km/s3 relative jerk
  • 0mm static RMS pseudorange accuracy is achieved at highest signal dynamics
  • Highly aligned 1PPS and RF carrier frequencies (<±2ns)
  • Sophisticated auto-calibration capability – ensuring extremely tight alignment of signal timing and power

The GSS7000 meets all performance specifications under all test conditions. Performance specifications are externally verified.


Generate up to 256 concurrent signals, with the power to model a wide range of parameters, such as

  • Tx and Rx antenna gain and phase pattern
  • Ionospheric and tropospheric effects
  • Pseudorange ramps for RAIM testing and spoofing
  • Satellite orbital data and navigation data
  • vehicle motion
Advanced Features
  • Embedded interference generation capability
    • 8 transmitters and 16 interference channels in a single chassis
    • Maximum power level -47 dBm
    • User defined interference transmitter trajectory and antenna patterns
  • The GSS7000 is capable of simulating real-world spoofing test cases, such as
    • meaconing attacks,
    • trajectory spoofing,
    • base station spoofing, and
    • satellite navigation data spoofing.

The GSS7000 is available with 3 levels of software built on Spirent’s positioning application engine to cater for all levels of test need and all budgets:  SimGEN, SimREPLAYplus, and SimTEST.

Spirent’s flagship software platform, SimGEN, is the most powerful tool available to GNSS test and development teams.

SimREPLAYplus allows the replay of pre-defined test scenarios while providing a range of tools and capabilities to enhance usability before, during and after testing.

SimTEST is for essential testing, providing the capability needed to perform fundamental verification tests.


The GSS7000 is designed to work seamlessly with a number of complementary tools. These include:

  • Sim3D – realistic multipath testing with 3D models
  • SimHIL – API with software interface for hardware-in-the-loop test integration.
  • SimSENSOR – emulate the output of key MEMS sensors
Hardware in the loop testing with the GSS7000

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