MEMS Sensor Simulation

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MEMS Sensor Simulation

Performance testing of sensor fusion in MEMS inertial and multi-GNSS navigation systems

SimSENSOR extends the capabilities of Spirent’s multi-GNSS simulators by simulating MEMS sensor outputs on a common trajectory with the simulated GNSS RF signals. The simulated MEMSs sensor outputs include user control of representative noise and errors (bias/drift).

With MEMS sensor modeling, simulate up to 4 streams of data from sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, compasses, and barometers. To obtain more accurate positioning for location-based services and navigation, designers and integrators combine GNSS navigation with these sensors.

The combination of these sensors is known as “sensor fusion” or “signals of opportunity.” SimSENSOR enables sensor fusion algorithm testing in the lab, allowing fine-tuning and debugging of the navigation algorithms across a range of operational test scenarios.

  • Designed to meet the specific requirements of civilian device R&D
  • Delivery of data as UDP stream over Ethernet
  • Options available for alternative delivery mechanisms including L2C
  • Generate sensor outputs consistent with any simulated trajectory
  • Library of pedestrian trajectories including common ‘gestures’
  • Noise and errors can be introduced on an individual axis basis
  • Sensor error model with deterministic and stochastic errors
  • Range of MEMS noise profiles can be simulated
    • MEMS sensor Allan variance noise model
    • Magnetometer noise model
    • Barometric data model
    • Digital compass model

SimSENSOR works in conjunction with Spirent’s popular GSS7000 or GSS9000 multi-GNSS platforms by simulating MEMS sensor outputs on a common trajectory with the simulated GNSS signals. SimSENSOR is compatible with both SimREPLAYplus and SimGEN software and runs on either the GSS7000 embedded or the GSS9000 C50r host controller.

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