Inertial and Integrated GPS/Inertial (IGI) Sensor Testing

SimINERTIAL for GPS and inertial measurement unit (IMU) testing


Inertial and Integrated GPS/Inertial (IGI) Sensor Testing

Overcoming PNT/GNSS positioning challenges with precision inertial sensor emulation, for powerful IGI testing

Integrating inertial sensors is an effective way to overcome the weaknesses of GNSS positioning systems. However, it also adds a set of challenges to the development process. Once inertial sensors have been verified, it is necessary to test the complementary positioning systems alongside each other.

SimINERTIAL enables the controllable generation of inertial sensor outputs needed to test the IGI repeatably in the lab. Supporting the leading embedded GPS/inertial systems (EGIs) and inertial measurement units (IMUs), SimINERTIAL utilizes the GSS9000’s RS422 interface to bypass the physical sensors, inputting emulated inertial outputs synchronous with simulated GNSS.

  • Emulate EGIs and IMUs
  • Full GNSS and inertial scenario control from a single SimGEN instance
  • Combine flexible GNSS signal generation with coherently generated inertial sensor delta-theta and delta-velocity data

Contact us for the full list of interfaces we support.


  • Honeywell H-764G, SIGI and NAV100TM IMU – interfacing is via Honeywell’s proprietary Inertial Sensor Recorder Simulator ISRS2 card
  • Northrop Grumman LN100G, LN250, LN251 and LN260 EGIs – interfacing is via the supplied RS422 card

IMU Emulation

  • Honeywell HG-1700, HG-1900 and HG-9900 (as used in JDAM, for example)
  • Northrop Grumman LN200
  • AMRAAM-compliant
  • NATO STANAG 4572
  • AIS SilMUO2 and SiNAV02

IMU interfacing is via the supplied RS422 card

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