Realistic multipath and obscuration modeling

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Realistic multipath and obscuration modeling

Verify PNT receiver performance in a true-to-life synthetic multipath and obscuration environment

Multipath and signal obscuration are one of the main sources of error in GNSS receivers, with observed multipath error ranging from a few meters to hundreds of meters. Accounting for these factors is vital in all GNSS-enabled applications.

Sim3D is an innovative 3D modeling system that creates a realistic environment for the testing of multipath and obscuration effects. Simulated GNSS signals interact with fully customizable models and environments, giving a level of detail, control, and realism not available in other solutions.

  • Use either real modeled or geo-typical environments
  • Wide range of models and materials available – including user-generated and externally imported
  • User-defined filtering algorithms
  • Supports static and dynamic scenarios
  • Import user antenna patterns – with RHCP/LHCP polarization
  • Supports all current civilian constellations and frequencies (L1/L2/L5)
  • Signal code, carrier and power manipulated by the specific environment
  • Up to 6 reflections per multipath signal
  • Simulate up to 31 multipaths per line-of-sight signal
  • Generate GNSS reception heat maps for mission planning in real-world environments
  • Integrate with either GSS9000 or GSS7000 platform
  • Supports hardware-in-the-loop setups
  • Can be incorporated in a zoned chamber configuration
Multipath Obscuration 3d Simulation

Understanding Multipath and Obscuration

Realistic, real-time 3D simulation can provide the richness of detail necessary for testing GNSS receiver performance in multipath and obscuration

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Sim3D Simulation

Spirent Sim3D Shows the Way Ahead for Realistic Multipath Simulation

LONDON, August 28, 2019 – Spirent Communications plc (LSE:SPT), the world leader in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) testing solutions, has announced the availability of its innovative multipath simulation solution, Spirent Sim3D. The 3D modeling solution enables the testing of realistic multipath and obscuration effects on GNSS signals in a true-to-life synthetic environment. Historically, researchers […]

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