GNSS systems must adjust and adapt to account for the effects of interference. We have developed a comprehensive range of GNSS test systems to enable controlled, repeatable GNSS testing in the presence of interference. Our testing capabilities are a proven asset for testing GNSS interference effects and interference mitigation techniques.

Spirent Federal Systems was established to offer the world's leading simulation equipment for U.S. Government customers and prime contractors. GPS test systems are tailored to the needs of government customers, including support for encrypted military codes, interference simulation, and high dynamic testing.

We offer a number of systems designed to simulate the inertial sensor outputs coherently with simulated GPS RF, thus enabling the inertial receiver elements to be tested.

Multi-GNSS simulators enable controlled, repeatable performance testing throughout the development, integration, verification and production of GPS, GLONASS or Galileo devices. With 25 years of experience, Spirent Federal is the world's leading provider of multi-GNSS test and simulation systems.

We offer comprehensive test capabilities for space-based GNSS applications. Ranging from simple single frequency testing through multi-output, multi-frequency configurations.

At Spirent Federal, we have produced test scenarios to allow the generation of the anomalous L1/L2 signals with a healthy status.

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