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Lunar Navigation Services: A Global View from the Next Frontier

Jan 2024 | On-demand Now

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Lunar navigation with NASA, ESA and JAXA

Join our free webinar to learn about the latest developments in Lunar missions and the PNT that supports them. From cislunar navigation to establishing a dedicated Lunar navigation constellation, experts from NASA, ESA, and JAXA will provide overviews and insights into current projects. Spirent product manager Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno will also highlight key simulation challenges and achievements that are helping to achieve these lofty goals.

More than 50 years since the giant leap for mankind, the Moon is back at the top of the agenda for the world’s leading space agencies. In this webinar you will hear from:

Topics covered will include lunar communications and navigation architecture from three different – but cooperative – perspectives, system proposals, roadmaps, and an overview of the challenges faced in navigating safely to the Moon, on the Moon, and beyond the Moon.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2024
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