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PNT Resiliency for Fires, Extreme High Dynamics, & CRPA Testing

Aug 25 | On-demand Now

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Webinar for Resilient PNT for Fires, Extreme High Dynamics, and CRPA Testing

In this free webinar, learn about the latest in enhancing PNT resiliency for long-range precision fires, key considerations for testing multi-sensor PNT engines in extreme high dynamic applications, and high dynamic controlled reception pattern antenna (CRPA) testing.

PNT for Indirect Fires – Paul Manz, Chief Technology Officer, and Tom Blenk, Director of the Assured Precision Weapons and Munitions office, for the U.S. Army’s Joint Program Executive Office Armaments and Ammunition (JPEO A&A) at Picatinny Arsenal, will discuss the particular importance of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) for indirect fires (especially long-range precision fires) and some efforts that the JPEO A&A is engaged in to enhance PNT resiliency for precision weapons and munitions.

Extreme High Dynamics – Mark Holbrow, VP of Engineering & Product Development at Spirent Communications, will provide a deeper understanding of how Spirent supports the realistic high dynamic testing of multi-sensor PNT engines across a wide variety of challenging, user-defined 6DOF (degrees of freedom) trajectories.

CRPA Testing – Roger Hart, Director of Engineering for Spirent Federal, will demonstrate how to enhance PNT resiliency through a high dynamic test environment for controlled reception pattern antennas (CRPAs) that includes more than 1,000 independent GNSS, jamming, and spoofing signals across a phase-calibrated precise wavefront.

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