Common GNSS System Errors

March 25, 2021

GNSS Errors

Every global navigation satellite system, from GPS to GLONASS and Galileo, has inherent system errors that designers and developers of GNSS receivers must understand and account for. Understanding these GNSS errors and common problems will enable you to provide a more reliable end product for your users.

This eBook looks at the common system errors inherent in GNSS systems today, and explains how you can simulate their effects in the lab for testing and risk mitigation. You’ll learn:

  • Common errors in the space segment, control segment and user segment of GNSS systems
  • How to test your receiver’s ability to handle and mitigate the effects of GNSS system errors
  • Why RF simulation is the only viable approach to robust and accurate GNSS error testing

Chapters include:

  • What comprises a GNSS system?
  • Errors inherent in GNSS systems
  • Space segment errors
  • Control segment errors
  • User segment errors
  • Finding fault with GNSS receivers
  • Simulating space segment errors
  • Simulating control segment errors
  • Simulating user segment errors

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