Spirent Federal Systems serves the needs of U.S. Government with its market-leading GPS and GNSS test solutions. Its GPS test systems are tailored to the needs of government customers, including support for encrypted military codes, interference simulation, and high dynamic testing.

Spirent Federal was initially created to focus on the needs of U.S. Government customers and has a purchasing contract with the General Services Administration (GSA).
Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

Pre-trial testing using lab-based tools can eliminate errors early in a program, reducing costs and deployment time.

Spirent's product line supports testing of all current and modernized GPS signals, including classified military codes (Y-code, SAASM, and M-code, to ICD-GPS-700A).

Why Test With Spirent?

  • Feature-rich software and flexible, industry-leading systems
  • GPS L1, L2, and L5 frequencies. All current and planned GPS signals supported today, including C/A, P(Y), M-code, L2C, and L5 I and Q.
  • Classified testing for authorized users: SA-A/S, SAASM compatibility, AES M-code and SDS M-code
  • Very high dynamic motion models, high update rate for test scenarios, zero effective latency using Spirent's predictive sampling
  • Multiple RF output configurations for adaptive antenna and platform attitude testing
  • GPS/Inertial navigation system testing with Honeywell, Northrop, and international STANAG interfaces
  • Interference and augmentation system testing supported

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