Many spacecraft rely on GNSS as a key element of positioning and attitude determination. In a space environment, trial and error testing is not an option. Simulation and test of spacecraft GNSS components (typically GPS, Galileo, and SBAS receivers) is a key element of design and qualification for all space projects.
Spirent Solves Critical Test Needs for Space Applications
Spirent offers comprehensive test capabilities for space-based GNSS applications. Many of the world's leading Space Agencies and space-related companies use Spirent's GPS and GLONASS simulation systems today. Applications range from simple single frequency testing through multi-output, multi-frequency configurations. Spirent's Galileo simulators are being widely adopted as a test standard for demanding projects related to the implementation of the Galileo system.
Why Test with Spirent?
  • GPS, GNSS, and SBAS simulators available covering L1, L2, L5, E5, and E6 frequencies
  • GPS simulator software capabilities tailored to the needs of the space community
  • Orbit determination via terrestrial coordinates, state vectors, and orbital reference terms
  • Spacecraft orientation modeling including sun pointing, earth pointing, inertial
  • User specified spacecraft maneuvers and antenna modeling
  • Special ionospheric model based on total electron count (NASA ref 88 FM1/JSC - 32064)
  • Industry-leading accuracy, stability, and reliability, including extended duration multi-day mission testing
  • Multiple RF output configurations for platform attitude testing

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