Spirent Federal Annual Training Seminar



GPS Anti-jam and the Latest in Sensor Fusion Testing

January 2021 | On-demand

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Speakers for GPS Anti-Jam and Sensor Fusion Webinar

In this webinar, we will discuss the merger that formed Raytheon Technologies, the critical importance of GPS anti-jam solutions, new methods to interface non-GNSS sensors into a GNSS test suite, how precise time synchronization improves sensor use, and the latest in sensor fusion testing.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Join Chad Pillsbury and Ben Graham, senior director and deputy director, for Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s Resilient Navigation and Reconnaissance Solutions business, as they discuss the merger of United Technologies and Raytheon Company to form Raytheon Technologies, as well as GPS anti-jam, sensors, artificial intelligence and time transfer.

Spirent Federal Systems

Roger Hart, Director of Engineering at Spirent Federal, discusses existing capabilities in the area of non-GNSS sensors and new product developments.

Spirent Communications

Ajay Vemuru, Product Manager at Spirent Communications, discusses sensor fusion testing using a simulation framework, including GNSS, IMU/INS, Baro, Compass, etc…

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