Spirent Federal answers questions on simulation challenges in 2021


The Current Greatest Technical Challenges to GNSS / PNT Simulation

Phillip Bonilla, senior systems engineer at Spirent Federal Systems, answers three questions about the current state of PNT testing and simulation. Phillip Bonilla, Senior Systems Engineer, Spirent Federal   How has your approach to simulation changed over the years and in response to what changes in GNSS/PNT? Spirent has provided highly accurate simulation solutions since […]

Sep 2021

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GNSS Positioning in Urban Areas A Key Technical Challenge for Drones and Self Driving Cars


Reliable GNSS Positioning in Urban Areas: A Key Technical Challenge for Drones and Self-Driving Cars

Signal reception is one of the big technological challenges of the modern age. Today, it’s mostly thought of as a telecoms issue. If someone complains that their smartphone has ‘lost reception’, they’re most likely referring to a loss of cellular signal. And the chances are it’s because they’re in a rural location, far from any […]

Jeremy Bennington | Jun 2021

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Ligado possible threats to GPS signals


Ligado Controversy Highlights Risk of Adjacent Band Interference to GPS Receivers

GPS users should assess the threats posed by adjacent band interference and mitigate any risks.

Guy Buesnel | May 2021

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Navigation Beyond Visual Line of Sight - The Next Big Challenge for UAV Developers


Navigation Beyond Visual Line of Sight: The Next Big Challenge for UAV Developers

Regulators are preparing to certify UAVs to fly beyond the operator’s line of sight. A reliable positioning engine will be essential for safe, accurate navigation.

Adam Price | Apr 2021

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2 kHz Update GNSS


Inside the Double-Fast Update Rate: the Whys and Wherefores of Ultra-rapid GNSS Simulation

For testing PNT systems in a high-dynamics environment, such as rockets, guided munitions and even some UAVs, a realistic reproduction of that environment requires a lot of quick looks. A very great lot. The high speeds, acceleration and jerkiness of the platforms mean that solving simulation discrete models as frequently as possible becomes critical to ensure […]

Apr 2021

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