PNT testing for low earth orbit constellations

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GNSS Testing for LEO

The operation of LEO constellations depends on the PNT solution provided by the satellites’ onboard engines. Learn how to test for optimal performance.

Feb 2022

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Spirent Federal launches new alternative RF navigation simulator for concurrent alternative RF and GNSS signal simulation and testing


Alternative RF PNT & Spirent’s New Alt PNT Simulator

In a long history of navigation systems, GNSS is a relatively recent entry into the field.  Despite its newness, it is prevalent in nearly all industries.  The ability to provide instantaneous data with high accuracy and simplified operation for the end user has made GNSS a must have. Despite the pervasiveness and impact to everyday […]

Roger Hart & Phil Bonilla | Nov 2021

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Spirent Federal answers questions on simulation challenges in 2021


The Current Greatest Technical Challenges to GNSS / PNT Simulation

Phillip Bonilla, senior systems engineer at Spirent Federal Systems, answers three questions about the current state of PNT testing and simulation. Phillip Bonilla, Senior Systems Engineer, Spirent Federal   How has your approach to simulation changed over the years and in response to what changes in GNSS/PNT? Spirent has provided highly accurate simulation solutions since […]

Sep 2021

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Spirent Federal launches first alternative RF navigation simulator

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Spirent Federal Launches Alternative RF Navigation Simulator

Spirent Federal’s product can simulate resilient alternative RF navigation signals on its own or concurrently with GNSS signals. Testing can be static or dynamic, with stationary, pedestrian and ground vehicle trajectories available.

Aug 2021

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Spirent Federal collaborating with Xona Space Systems

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Spirent Federal Collaborating with Xona Space Systems

Xona’s patent-pending approach using small satellites in LEO is intended to improve global PNT resilience and accuracy by both enhancing GNSS and operating as an independent system.

Aug 2021

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