Xona Space Systems constellation simulator by Spirent

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Spirent Announces Readiness to Generate Xona PULSAR™ Production Signals via SimXona

SALT LAKE CITY — (September 12, 2023) — Spirent has concluded a review of Xona Space Systems’ PULSAR™ production signals establishing feasibility for integration into the SimXona product line. Spirent will seamlessly integrate the Xona production signals as an evolution of the SimXona platform; support will become available to existing and new customers throughout 2024. Xona […]

Sep 2023

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GPS World Interview: Faux Signals for Real Results

An exclusive interview with Mark Holbrow, VP of Product Development, Spirent Communications, and Roger Hart, Sr. Director of Engineering, Spirent Federal Systems.  What are your roles? Mark Holbrow: Our business is based in the UK. I am responsible for the vision and direction of the technology portfolio required by Spirent’s Positioning Technology business unit. Roger Hart: I am responsible […]

Aug 2023

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Spirent Solves Three Big Challenges in LEO Constellation Design and Development

Business is booming in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). ABI Research predicts that up to 2,400 new LEO satellites will be launched in 2023, joining the 4,500 already in orbit, and with the number approved for deployment reaching 30,000 by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, the number of subscribers using LEO satellite services is set […]

Jeremy Bennington | Jul 2023

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Xona Space Systems demonstration satellite tests


Exclusive Interview: PNT by Other Means

Image:  Xona Space Systems For the cover story of the July 2023 issue of GPS World magazine, Matteo Luccio, editor-in-chief, sat down with Jaime Jaramillo, Director of Commercial Services at Xona Space Systems, Paul Crampton, Senior Solutions Architect at Spirent Federal Systems, and Jan Ackermann, Director of Product Line Management at Spirent Communications, to discuss […]

Jul 2023

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Xona Hexagon NovAtel Spirent collaborating on LEO PNT

Press Release

First Signal Simulator for First Dedicated LEO PNT Satellite Constellation Will Be Demonstrated at 2023 Joint Navigation Conference

Spirent collaborating with Xona Space Systems and Hexagon | NovAtel to show the full arc of low Earth orbit satnav technology, from simulated full constellation to end-user equipment SALT LAKE CITY, UT, JUNE 8, 2023 – Spirent will demonstrate the first fully-certified Xona satellite constellation simulator, SimXona, at the 2023 Joint Navigation Conference (JNC), June […]

Jun 2023

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