GPS Spoofing


GPS Spoofing: New Live Sky Tests Confirm Receivers Are Vulnerable to Attack

It was once considered an esoteric and theoretical type of cyberattack, seen only in James Bond films and academic papers. But radio frequency (RF) location spoofing is now causing real concern for users of GPS and GNSS receivers. The recent emergence of software-defined radios has made spoofing much easier to carry out. By broadcasting a […]

Daniel Martin | Feb 2021

Adaptive Antennas Jamming Spoofing


Challenges of Testing Adaptive GNSS Antennas for Jamming and Spoofing Protection

NOTE: This blog is a summary of a webinar presented with DLR on Wednesday 18th November 2020. You can access the on-demand webinar here. The GNSS threat landscape is evolving, and sophisticated new techniques are needed to protect GNSS-reliant equipment against RF threat sources such as jamming and spoofing. One such technique is adaptive antenna technology. […]

Guy Buesnel | Dec 2020

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