tank in city using MGUE modernized gps user equipment to navigate


Interview: A Simulation Perspective on Supporting GPS Modernization

For the cover story of the May 2023 issue of GPS World magazine, Matteo Luccio, editor-in-chief, sat down with Roger Hart, Senior Director of Engineering at Spirent Federal Systems, to discuss Spirent’s role in supporting GPS modernization. Why do you see the need to modernize GPS? For many lay users, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) […]

Jun 2023

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Spoofing Feature for GSS9000

Advanced, state-of-the-art spoofing testing capabilities

Jan 2023

Case Study on Spoofing Testing in the Field

Case Study eBook

Case Study: How Badly Are Drones Affected by GNSS Spoofing?

Discover how easily drones can be spoofed using a Spirent mobile GNSS simulation platform

Nov 2022

Webinar Navigation Warfare in the Field and Lab with guest speaker from U.S. Air Force


Field & Laboratory Navigation Warfare Simulation

Join us for an in-depth discussion on navigation warfare simulation from the U.S. Air Force‚Äôs 746th Test Squadron and Spirent as we consider NAVWAR testing in the field and lab, anomaly resolution, and the benefits of early testing in PNT system development. Paul Benshoof, technical director of the 746th Test Squadron, will discuss how simulation […]

October 20 | On-demand Now

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