GPS and other systems like it help to generate enormous additional value to users, and now more and more devices use GPS signals to enhance their capabilities. The GSS6300M gives you fast, accurate testing of multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) signals, so you can ensure your customers get the best quality positioning information.
Trusted by The World's Most Demanding Applications

Spirent has been at the forefront of GPS testing for over 30 years and our simulators are the reference point against which all others are judged. Our users include NASA and the military, as well as government, defense, and commercial organizations from the aerospace and automobile industries, to smartphone development and sat navs. Now, with the new GSS6300M, we are packing all our expertise into an accessibly priced GPS test solution for consumer electronics engineers.

The Science of Simulation

Simulated GPS signals provide the best foundation for your location performance testing. Unlike 'live sky' testing, which introduces uncontrollable variables that can skew your results, simulation lets you define your tests cases precisely and repeat the same tests as many times as you like. This means you can evaluate your device's performance over a range of conditions and locations without ever leaving the lab.

The Importance of Precision

When simulating GPS, the fidelity and quality of your test signals is priority number one. In this regard, all Spirent systems take care of the details so you don't have to worry. Our simulators are widely used and proven across a wide range of industries and applications — including development, integration, verification, manufacturing, and field tests.

A Simple Choice

We know that choosing the right simulator can be confusing. So with the GSS6300M we're aiming to make things simpler — with precise simulation based on proven Spirent technology, ground-breaking usability, and new levels of affordability.

The Way Forward

With the GSS6300M, our aim is to help you to create better performing location-aware products, without putting a strain on your finances. So why not discover how far our accessibly priced GPS test solution can take you?

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