Multi-GNSS RF Simulation System

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Multi-GNSS RF Simulation System

Multi-GNSS RF simulation system

The Spirent GSS6300M is the ideal platform for entry-level and low-cost test requirements. Capable of generating signals from multiple GNSS coherently, the GSS6300M is a valuable tool in development and production test environments.

  • The GSS6300M is a “one-box” solution with everything required to start testing immediately and can be easily controlled from a tablet or smartphone, or via remote commands across multiple interfaces including USB, IEEE-488 or Ethernet.
  • In-field upgradable
  • Continuous run mode for efficient high-volume production testing and real-time user control
  • Available with multiple levels of software, unlocking the features you need
  • ±15,000 m/s relative velocity
  • 0.1 dB resolution
  • ±1.0dB RSS accuracy
  • < 0.1 Rad RMS phase noise
  • May be synchronized to external systems via 1PPS/ Trigger, reference frequency input/output and 1PPS output
  • Up to 36 channels
  • Up to 8 channels per constellation
  • Generate L1/E1 signals from GPS/SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo
  • Simulate 3D position from GPS/SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou or Galileo constellations
  • Integrates with Google Maps® to generate real-world trajectories
  • Broad range of features, including antenna modeling and multipath effects
  • Create scenarios and modify parameters such as user position, date, and time
  • Supplied with Spirent SimTest software
  • Fully supports GSS6300 single channel operation
  • Comprehensive remote command set for easy ATE integration
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