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New GNSS Foresight product from Spirent for Unmanned Aerial Systems


Spirent Debuts GNSS Reliability Forecasting for UAS and Self-Driving Cars

Unreliable GNSS reception is a major barrier to safe navigation for drones and self-driving cars. A new GNSS reliability forecasting service from Spirent tackles the problem.

Jeremy Bennington | Sep 2021

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eBook GNSS foresight for autonomous vehicles


Enabling Reliable GNSS Performance for Autonomous Vehicles

Navigate safely in urban and
built-up areas with GNSS
forecasting for Level 2 to
Level 5 vehicles

Transportation Fusion


How to create a realistic, low-latency HIL environment for autonomous vehicle testing

Hardware-in-the-loop delivers accurate autonomous vehicle and ADAS testing – but only with the right test solution. Autonomous vehicle (AV) testing has reached new levels. More companies are fielding more AVs on the road year-on-year, clocking up significantly more testing mileage as time passes. At the same time, the lab testing tools and techniques available to […]

Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno | Jul 2020

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