New GNSS Foresight product from Spirent for Unmanned Aerial Systems


Spirent Debuts GNSS Reliability Forecasting for UAS and Self-Driving Cars

Unreliable GNSS reception is a major barrier to safe navigation for drones and self-driving cars. A new GNSS reliability forecasting service from Spirent tackles the problem.

Jeremy Bennington | Sep 2021

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GNSS Foresight forecasting service for UAV and UAS


Achieving Reliable GNSS Performance for Autonomous UAS navigation

How GNSS reliability forecasting
brings the possibility of BVLOS
flight closer

Sep 2021

How to get beyond BVLOS for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles webinar


The Tools Needed to Get Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS)

Situational awareness and risk assessment are key to UAV mission planning in both dense urban areas and, surprisingly, in open-sky areas such as over ocean coastlines. Successful results depend closely upon scheduling for the most advantageous hours, or even minutes, to overfly particular areas.┬áLearn how to maximize performance and profitability from four experts in the […]

August 2021 | On-demand Now

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