For testing of Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) systems, spatial testing of single-antenna devices, and as part of real-world-time synchronized indoor GNSS implementations.

Providing supreme performance, ultimate flexibility, and the most comprehensive capabilities available in any GNSS test solution. Used by all those working in high-end GNSS technology and application development.

Offering a comprehensive solution for testing satellite navigation equipment in the presence of intentional or unintentional RF interference.

Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator provides an easy-to-use but powerful solution for GNSS testing which can grow with your evolving needs. Used by R&D, verification and integration teams, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help improve your designs.

RF Record & Playback system allows you to repeat a real world GNSS/GPS test and run it over and over again in the lab. With 16-bit quantization, you capture the most complex RF signal environments and interference in more detail.

Designed specifically for high volume production test applications for devices that use commercial GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo receivers.

The ideal entry-level multi-channel GNSS simulator for busy production testing environments and receiver integrators. Its 36 channels of operation can simulate L1/E1 signals from GPS/SBAS, QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo to test the fundamental positioning capabilities of any GNSS device.

Realistic Multipath and Obscuration Simulation— Simulating the Impact of the Local Environment on GNSS Signals.

The Modernized Navstar Security Algorithm, or MNSA, introduces updated cryptography to the GPS signal for the generation of M-code. SimMNSA has been granted Security Approval by the Global Positioning System Directorate.

Emulates inertial sensor outputs while concurrently simulating GPS RF signals, thereby enabling controlled, repeatable testing of integrated GPS and inertial units, and reducing the need for field trials.

For authorized military users, M-code improves immunity to interference and enhanced security.

For Selective Availability and Anti-Spoofing Testing. SimSaas has been granted GPS Wing security approval for classified military applications

Used for laboratory evaluation of GNSS receiver vulnerability to spoofing signals and the development of effective countermeasures.

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