Exclusive Interview: New Approaches Improve PNT Resilience

Prefer to watch rather than read? View the full interview here. At the 2022 ION Joint Navigation Conference, Matteo Luccio, editor-in-chief of GPS World, sat down with Spirent Federal’s head of engineering, Roger Hart, and head of sales, Jeff Martin, to discuss complementary PNT. What are some of the most promising approaches to complementary PNT […]

Jul 2022

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Realism in GNSS Inertial testing


Realism in GNSS Testing- Generate better results through high-quality lab testing

Join us for this webinar to understand the advantages of creating a more realistic test environment for PNT engineers in all key user communities. You’ll learn from subject matter experts on the key elements of GNSS test environments – transmitters, propagation channels, antennas and receivers, vehicles and other sensor integrations for modern positioning engines. We’ll […]

May 18 | On-demand Now

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Spirent Federal launches new alternative RF navigation simulator for concurrent alternative RF and GNSS signal simulation and testing


Alternative RF PNT & Spirent’s New Alt PNT Simulator

In a long history of navigation systems, GNSS is a relatively recent entry into the field.  Despite its newness, it is prevalent in nearly all industries.  The ability to provide instantaneous data with high accuracy and simplified operation for the end user has made GNSS a must have. Despite the pervasiveness and impact to everyday […]

Roger Hart & Phil Bonilla | Nov 2021

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Spirent Federal teams with Northrop Grumman for verification of inertial navigation system simulator

Press Release

Spirent Federal Systems Teams with Northrop Grumman

Plans are underway to fully validate the inertial interface between Spirent GNSS simulators and both Northrop Grumman legacy and modernized inertial systems under the EGI‐M program.

Aug 2021

GPS Vulnerability Mitigation: Inertial and Alternative RF PNT Alt-Nav


GPS Vulnerability Mitigation: Using Inertial & Complementary PNT

While GPS will always be an integral and irreplaceable part of PNT, Assured PNT must take a layered approach due to GNSS vulnerabilities. Join Spirent and Northrop Grumman as we examine the future of inertial navigation in Assured PNT and GPS augmentation, EGI-Modernization, coherent GNSS and inertial sensor emulation, and exploring and simulating emerging alternative […]

June 2021 | On-demand

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