SimORBIT for LEO low earth orbit constellations

Press Release

Spirent Brings Realistic Testing to Emerging LEO Satellite Applications

The first high-accuracy orbital modeling software solution developed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite simulation

Dec 2022

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Realism in GNSS Inertial testing


Realism in GNSS Testing- Generate better results through high-quality lab testing

Join us for this webinar to understand the advantages of creating a more realistic test environment for PNT engineers in all key user communities. You’ll learn from subject matter experts on the key elements of GNSS test environments – transmitters, propagation channels, antennas and receivers, vehicles and other sensor integrations for modern positioning engines. We’ll […]

May 18 | On-demand Now

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Learn why Spirent Federal is the best choice for GNSS simulation


How to Choose a GNSS simulator

Getting it right. Why all simulators are not the same.

Feb 2022

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Realism in GNSS Testing - Achievable with Spirent Federal


How to Bring Realism into Your GNSS Testing with RF Record & Playback

A record & playback system (RPS) is a key element of the professional GNSS tester’s toolbox. These portable devices allow engineers to make digital recordings of the real-world RF environment and replay them to test the performance of GNSS receivers in real conditions. Unlike the real world, this replay facility allows conditions to be repeated […]

Ajay Vemuru | Feb 2022

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How to Create a Realistic GNSS Test Environment


How to Create a Realistic GNSS Test Environment in the Lab

Testing that combines the greatest possible level of realism with total control gives you the power to deploy products faster

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