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GPS and MGUE Program Updates and High Dynamic Testing


GPS & MGUE Program Update & High Dynamic Testing

The U.S. Space Force continues to evolve the GPS enterprise into a more resilient and robust architecture. Join representatives from the Space Systems Command, BAE Systems and Spirent for an update on the GPS and Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) programs, the latest in military GPS receiver technology, and advancements in emulating high dynamic applications such as space vehicles or hypersonic munitions.

October 2021 | On-demand Now

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How to get beyond BVLOS for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles webinar


The Tools Needed to Get Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS)

Situational awareness and risk assessment are key to UAV mission planning in both dense urban areas and, surprisingly, in open-sky areas such as over ocean coastlines. Successful results depend closely upon scheduling for the most advantageous hours, or even minutes, to overfly particular areas.┬áLearn how to maximize performance and profitability from four experts in the […]

August 2021 | On-demand Now

GPS Vulnerability Mitigation: Inertial and Alternative RF PNT Alt-Nav


GPS Vulnerability Mitigation: Using Inertial & Complementary PNT

While GPS will always be an integral and irreplaceable part of PNT, Assured PNT must take a layered approach due to GNSS vulnerabilities. Join Spirent and Northrop Grumman as we examine the future of inertial navigation in Assured PNT and GPS augmentation, EGI-Modernization, coherent GNSS and inertial sensor emulation, and exploring and simulating emerging alternative […]

June 2021 | On-demand

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GPS Anti-jam and Alternative RF PNT webinar


GPS Anti-jam and the Latest in Sensor Fusion Testing

In this webinar, we will discuss the merger that formed Raytheon Technologies, the critical importance of GPS anti-jam solutions, new methods to interface non-GNSS sensors into a GNSS test suite, how precise time synchronization improves sensor use, and the latest in sensor fusion testing. Raytheon Intelligence & Space Join Chad Pillsbury and Ben Graham, senior […]

January 2021 | On-demand

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Improving Jamming and Spoofing Robustness webinar


Improving Jamming and Spoofing Robustness with Multi-antenna GNSS Simulation

In this webinar from Spirent, we will explore the challenges of reliably testing adaptive antennas (CRPAs) and provide guidance on establishing test requirements. We will then focus on the use of GNSS constellation simulators for the performance evaluation of advanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing techniques of GNSS receivers using multiple antennas in an antenna array. Topics […]


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